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Posted on May 26th, 2017 by admin

You know Emily Osment from ‘Hannah Montana,’ you love her on ‘Young & Hungry,’ and you’ll be completely obsessed with our #WCW because of these four reasons.

In a recent tweet, I made this long overdue declaration: “Emily Osment is the most underrated comedic actress of our time.” I have done the research and can definitively inform you that this statement is gospel. But rather than continuing to shout the truth out into the ether, I’d like to present the world with cold, hard facts. If you’ve been sleeping on Emily Osment, consider this your alarm clock.

Many of Emily Osment’s fans grew up watching her in the Spy Kids sequels and, more than likely, the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. Since the series’ wrap, she has been a shining example of a child star leading with talent, grace, and a good head on her shoulders. Osment pursued music, attended college, and continued her career in comedy with Freeform’s Young & Hungry. After every episode of the sitcom, I walk away blown away by Osment’s commitment to comedy and presenting an ambitious albeit misguided woman with hilarious complexity. She’s an underappreciated artist and comedian and our ultimate #WomanCrushWednesday. These reasons might seem obvious, but here’s why we’re completely obsessed with Emily Osment.

She defined our childhoods.

Duh! Before her course charted toward the House of Mouse, Osment co-starred in Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams and Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over as the devious Gerti Giggles. But we really got to know Emily Osment in a little show that made absolutely zero impact on the ’00s zeitgeist in any way. I kid, of course.

On the Disney Channel’s pop culture phenomenon Hannah Montana, Osment starred opposite Miley Cyrus as Lilly Truscott, the titular part-time pop star’s happy-go-lucky best friend. Osment stole many a scene as Lilly, even as early as the pilot. (“Halfway there” still inspires a chuckle to this day.) Watch the clip above and try to handle the nostalgia.

She’s got a killer voice.

Don’t write her off as another Disney darling who grabbed a recording contract out of requirement from the network. No, she’s got powerhouse pipes and can write catchy bangers and beautiful acoustic ballads. Osment made her music on her own terms and created, dare I say, one of the best pop albums of the current decade.

Fight or Flight, her debut album, took flight in 2010 with earworms produced by Nellee Hooper and Toby Gad. It’s worth noting that Wikipedia calls “Let’s Be Friends” one of the most “iconic songs of today,” and we can’t argue. Wikipedia doesn’t lie, right? But we must keep waiting for EO2 to save the music industry.

She’s an underrated comedy queen.

Listen up, kids. If you aren’t watching Emily Osment on Young & Hungry, you’re missing one of the greatest comedic performances on television. It’s about time she gets the credit she deserves. Reminiscent of Lucille Ball and Osment’s Young & Hungry guest star and Golden girl Betty White, Osment grounds Gabi Diamond’s zaniest antics in a place of ambition and strength of character.

She’s a dreamer, a spitfire, and a loose cannon, traits Osment sinks her teeth into with riotous abandon. In Season 5’s midseason finale (and the series’ best episode to date), Osment scores the biggest laughs for Gabi’s full-blown meltdown. Whether in drama mode for Cyberbully or Mom or in comedy queen mode on Young & Hungry, watching Osment act is always a delight.

And finally, this tweet.

It’s just one impeccable example of Osment’s excellent social media presence. She cracks jokes and communicates with fans, but her most admirable online quality is using her voice and platform to speak on important issues. Whether it’s wearing her preference for pizza to the patriarchy on her sleeve (as seen on Snapchat) or calling out harmful inconsistencies, she’s refreshingly honest. Now, how do we get on the guest list to Emily Osment’s whiskey nights?

Catch Emily Osment in Young & Hungry, available to stream on Netflix and returning to Freeform later this year!

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On Young & Hungry‘s, Monday, May 22, season finale, Gabi (Emily Osment) has to compete with a very famous chef for her job — again.

In Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek above, Gabi walks into her boss Josh’s apartment and sees his publicist Elliot (Rex Lee) sitting at a table with someone. “One moment,” he says. “I’m just finishing up an interview.”

“With who?” Gabi asks before loudly gasping when her mystery competitor turns around. “Michael Voltaggio?” she asks, identifying the season 6 winner of Bravo’s Top Chef. “What is Top Chef Michael Voltaggio doing here?”

Gabi then turns her attention to Voltaggio, with whom she competed against for the same position in Young & Hungry‘s pilot episode. “Hi, very good to see you again,” she says. “Remember we met here last time?” When he says no, Gabi asks, “Does anyone remember me?” to which Elliot replies, “No, isn’t it great?”

“What is he doing here?” Gabi whispers to Elliot. “I thought this was a redo for me.” Josh’s longtime right-hand man cunningly explains why he brought in the noted chef. “It’s also a redo for me,” he says. “This time I want to make sure Josh picks the right chef.”

As Voltaggio goes to leave he says, “I left some apps for Josh to taste, or you guys can come to one of my restaurants,” to which Gabi screams after him, “Why do you even need this job?”

While fans have tracked the ups and downs of Gabi’s personal and professional life, Osment tells Us Weekly exclusively that there may not be a resolution just yet. “There’s a huge cliffhanger,” Osment tells Us of the season finale. “[Gabi] has to decide between things.”

Young & Hungry airs on Freeform Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: US Magazine

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Gabi and Ms. Wilson share a birthday that has them feeling sad, so they head out on a girls trip with Sofia, in a new episode of “Young & Hungry,” MONDAY, MAY 8 (8:00–8:31 p.m. EDT), on Freeform.

In the episode “Young & Vegas Baby,” Gabi is feeling down about her birthday, even after she discovers she and Ms. Wilson (special guest star Betty White) share their special day. When Gabi learns Ms. Wilson made a promise to meet a former boyfriend (special guest star Carl Reiner) in Vegas, she decides a road trip to Sin City is the perfect way to get over her birthday blues. Meanwhile, Josh is desperate to figure out why Gabi is so upset about her birthday, and Yolanda and Elliot scheme to keep Gabi’s forgotten birthday gifts.

014~144.jpg 015~134.jpg 016~125.jpg 017~114.jpg

Gallery > TV Series > Young & Hungry (2014-2017) > Season Five > On Set

001~596.jpg 003~435.jpg 007~290.jpg 013~166.jpg

Gallery > TV Series > Young & Hungry (2014-2017) > Season Five > Stills > Episode 08 – Young & Vegas Baby

Posted on May 5th, 2017 by admin

Yay! Glad to finally share some news with you. We’ve got exclusive stills of two upcoming Young & Hungry episodes, backstage photos of Emily on Missi & Zach Might Bang and screen captures of an interview during the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere. Tons of photos, just for you!

001~593.jpg 004~382.jpg 008~251.jpg 012~173.jpg

Gallery > TV Series > Young & Hungry (2014-2017) > Season Five > Stills > Episode 09 – Young & Hold

006~318.jpg 009~231.jpg 012~174.jpg 013~164.jpg

Gallery > TV Series > Young & Hungry (2014-2017) > Season Five > Stills > Episode 10 – Young & Amnesia

012~175.jpg 013~165.jpg 012~175.jpg 013~165.jpg

Gallery > TV Series > Young & Hungry (2014-2017) > Season Five > On Set

001~591.jpg 001~591.jpg 001~591.jpg 001~591.jpg

Gallery > Social Media > Other’s Instagram Account > @zachariah423

001~592.jpg 001~592.jpg 001~592.jpg 001~592.jpg

Gallery > Social Media > Other’s Instagram Account > @mightbang

0309~0.png 0318~1.png 0402~1.png 0407~0.png

Gallery > Screen Captures > Red Carpet > 2017 > April 19 – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Premiere at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

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When Josh develops amnesia, Gabi decides to relive their first meeting in the hopes of making him remember her, in the spring finale episode of “Young & Hungry,” MONDAY, MAY 22 (8:00–8:31 p.m. EDT), on Freeform.

In the episode “Young & Amnesia,” Gabi is horrified when Josh doesn’t remember her after a bump on the head, especially since he seems to remember everyone else – and he was about to tell her something important. When Josh thinks he and Gabi met right before his accident at her audition to be his chef, Gabi sets out to recreate their first meeting in the hopes of jogging his memory.

Posted on May 2nd, 2017 by admin


In the episode “Young & Hold,” Gabi and Josh’s friends-with-benefits relationship is jeopardized when one of them meets someone else. Elliot battles with a squirrel he discovers in Josh’s penthouse, only no one believes the squirrel is real. Meanwhile, Sofia uses Gabi and Josh’s relationship drama as fodder for her first article at Clik’d.


Posted on April 28th, 2017 by admin

Emily seemed to have a fun and weird day on set of Young & Hungry last night. She shared a photo on Twitter, wearing a cute lemon dress with the caption “I think I had this dress when I was six. Four more days left of season five!“.  Almost at the same time she shared a photo of herself, wearing a clown suit on Instagram with the caption “Current carerr status“. Seems like a fun day on set!

044~39.jpg 044~39.jpg 044~39.jpg 044~39.jpg

Gallery > Social Media > Twitter > Emily’s Twitter(@EmilyOsment) > Twitter (2017)

122~0.PNG 122~0.PNG 122~0.PNG 122~0.PNG

Gallery > Social Media > Instagram > Emily’s Instagram (@EmilyOsment) > Instagram (2017)

More videos of Emily’s Instagram Story:

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Posted on April 27th, 2017 by admin

An official press release of Monday’s Young & Hungry episode (‘Young & Bridesmaids’) has been published. [SPOILER ALRT]

In the episode “Young & Bridesmaids,” Gabi and Sofia are annoyed when they hear that high school frenemy Lizette (guest star Nicole Byer, “Loosely Exactly Nicole”) is throwing a lavish destination wedding, with all expenses paid, for the wedding party. Desperately wanting a vacation, the girls scheme to get Lizette to make them bridesmaids. But Lizette only has room for one of them to be in the wedding. Meanwhile, feeling unappreciated by Josh, Elliot pretends that he’s fielding a job offer from a multimillionaire.

Also a video of Gabi and Sofia was published by Free Form:

0001~0.png 0010~0.png 0041~2.png 0071~0.png

Gallery > Screen Captures > Commercials > 2017 > Young & Hungry Season 5 Episode 7 Sneak Peek (April 26)

Posted on April 24th, 2017 by admin

I’ve managed to post a new still of tonight’s Young & Hungry episode as well as the latest Instagram photo AND all Instagram photos of 2012. Enjoy!

0025.jpg 0025.jpg 0025.jpg 0025.jpg

Gallery > TV Series > Young & Hungry (2014-2017) > Season Five > Stills > Episode 06 – Young & Couchy

121.PNG 121.PNG 121.PNG 121.PNG

Gallery > Social Media > Instagram > Emily’s Instagram (@EmilyOsment) > Instagram (2017)

023~4.PNG 065~0.PNG 101~0.PNG 111~0.PNG

Gallery > Social Media > Instagram > Emily’s Instagram (@EmilyOsment) > Instagram (2012)

Posted on April 23rd, 2017 by admin

On April 21st Jason Earles atteneded a taping of ‘Young & Hungry‘ in Los Angeles. Emily shared a lot of videos of herself during her day  on Instagram Stories, and in the end you an see Jason joining her. Last night she shared a photo of herself and Jason on Instagram with the caption:

Thanks for coming to see the show last night @realdukeofearles ! It’s nice to see that after all these years we still behave like teenagers. Everyone around us was grateful. (They were not.)

The videos can be found on our Twitter account.

120.PNG 120.PNG 120.PNG 120.PNG

Gallery > Social Media > Instagram > Emily’s Instagram (@EmilyOsment) > Instagram (2017)

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